About Us

Little Marvels ELC is based on the concept of ABCD (Activity based Child Development), which strives to work around key areas of learning for children in their early years. It is a well-rounded program that nurtures the love for learning and is designed keeping the child at the center. The conception and implementation of Little Marvels is laid around the seven principles of learning (below) and the seven stars in our logo denote the importance of these principles in our vision, delivery and promise.

Our philosophy behind Little Marvels is to enable children reach their highest potential. At our ELC, we preach and practice Love to Learn and Learn to Love. We believe that each child is different and has special talent hidden, which needs to be discovered, polished and set to stage with the right degree of observation and direction. Our learning practices and principles are designed and structured to enable this discovery and grooming process.



Beyond the conventional


  • Learning teaching methodology vetted by educationists, instructional design experts & experienced professionals from Educational Services background.
  • Curriculum designed for optimal learning at centre but also at home helping parents be a part of their child development
  • A detour from run of the mill alphabet learning and rhymes-focus on holistic child development


With the right mix of affection, attention and stimulation, Little Marvels enables children to develop cognitive skills by learning through play, exploration and social interaction.


How do we impact Parents

As parents you get to participate in the process of learning for children. With this experience you learn to create an equally warm and enriching environment at home, making the childhood journey special and exciting for little ones. We understand the difference it makes when parents partner in the learning process and thus, work to establish collaborative, innovative and lasting partnerships to ensure that children have positive experiences and achieve the optimum levels of stimulation. Together, we will foster the love for lifelong learning.


How do we impact Children

Our programs are designed to result in improved readiness, learning completion and education efficiency for the children. Having them ready for the formal schooling is just one outcome of our multi-dimensional approach; having them ready and passionate for the challenges in life is the most important outcome.


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