Our Curriculum Supports Early Learning

At Little Marvels, our objective is to nurture creativity, autonomy and discipline in every child; to preach the importance of values – tolerance, respect, personal hygiene, cooperation, and love for books through an active, play based environment.

We strive to accomplish this objective through our curriculum, which is unique blend of the seven principles of the British Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), the Montessori tools of leaning and the art of play way. It allows for multiple opportunities to succeed, so that every child can enjoy the moment of accomplishment and take pride in self; encourages them to express and create, learn and discover, share and play.

Our preschool learning activities are fun-filled and challenging enough to keep the children interested and engaged through the whole day. Lessons are integrated, activity-based and encompass the following concepts:

  • Free Play
  • Story Time
  • Arts and crafts
  • Food and Nutrition
  • Music/Movement
  • Drama/Imaginative Play
  • Indoor/Outdoor physical fitness
  • Educational & entertaining field trips


Pedagogy and Practice Matters Most!

We have an inter-disciplinary pedagogy which takes the well-being and involvement of children at core. The construction of knowledge is achieved through play, participation and choice. The form of learning is customized for different child age group and interest areas and includes role plays, free plays, group activities, thematic activities, creative arts, first hand experiences, etc.



Staff and Training

Our teaching team has been carefully selected and trained to ensure quality care and education to our children.

Our teaching team is the pillar of our learning environment and we are focused on our delivery approach and execution. Our teaching team has been carefully selected and trained to ensure quality care and education to our children.

Our staff is committed to excellence in delivery and are passionate about offering quality. We create a warm and safe environment at our centre and our teacher ignite excitement and fun through their light-hearted and friendly discussions and involvement. Our facilitators have an informed understanding about children – how they learn, how they think, what are the specific goals for learning and development, thus they help in delivering a well-rounded program, proved to be effective.

Training is integral to our program and everyone including assistants, admin staff, teacher and leaders are introduced to training programs that help enhance their skills on the concept of ECE. Transparent assessment and feedback helps in an integrated and all-rounded development of our staff and stakeholders.


Our Facilities Enable Integrated Learning

At Little Marvels, we ensure a stimulating and challenging environment that fosters love for learning and innovation. Our facility is equipped with safe and child friendly resources, to maximize learning through fun and play and is offers:

Age Appropriate Learning Resources

Each classroom is designed to meet the specific development needs of the children. The choice of learning aids are relevant for the age of the children and for their emotional, intellectual, social and cultural development. The selection is done considering the comfort, interest and capacity of the age group they cater – babies, toddlers and young learners. These resources and learning aids provide opportunities for children to find, use, evaluate and present information and to develop the critical capacities to make discerning choices.

Thematic classrooms

Our preschool themed classrooms are very well equipped to make learning fun for everyone. Right from the display boards to the play time resources, all are chosen wisely and to match with the theme for the day / session, to stimulate learning and retention.

Activity Room and Thought Lab

Our activity room is especially designed to encourage imagination and thinking skills in our children.

Book room

Our book room has a great collection of books for each age group.

Creative Outdoor Play Area

Physical development is optimum with our creative play area that is equipped with a Gym Zone, Sand and Water Play area, Music and Sound Station, Weather Station, Nature Talk zone

Safe and Secure Campus

We take utmost care of the security and hygiene at our facility.

  • Shoes are not allowed in our classrooms and use of booties is encouraged to ensure a germ free environment
  • Our air conditioners and water tanks are serviced and maintained constantly ensuring that they are clean and hygienic.
  • Fresh and antibacterial cleansed towels are used and available in our washrooms
  • CCTV cameras are fitted across the campus and every activity is monitored regularly.
  • Only authorized persons are permitted to visit the campus to pick/drop the children.

Green Space

At our campus, we encourage the use of reusable materials and natural lighting. We have used child friendly. Use of disinfectants producing fumes and liquid is avoided. Cleaning supplies are also carefully selected to eliminate the use of harmful chemicals.

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