• Early Starters (6 Months - 2 Years)

    Marvel Years


    To nurture confidence, curiosity and sense of security in the early years of a child life through creating positive experiences and caring relationships in an exciting, fun-filled and stimulating environment that encourages effective learning through play.

  • Head Starters (2 - 3 Years)

    Terrific Twos


    The program is selectively designed and structured for independent toddlers who are ready to enjoy the challenging activities and fun based environment as self-learners. At this age, the urge to discover and the curiosity to understand gains momentum; the objective of the program is to utilize the true potential of a child to its fullest.

  • Preschool (3 - 4 Years)

    Little Adventurers


    Pre-schoolers are young, inquisitive children who need to be shaped into disciplined and responsible individuals, ready to launch their formal schooling journey. Providing them functional and meaningful experiences fosters creative thinking, problem solving and communication skills. Little Adventurers aims to satisfy the urge for our young learners and provide them a holistic, experiential leaning.

  • After School (4 - 12 Years)

    "Our AfterSchool programs are selectively designed to supplement the learning a child takes from the formal schooling. With a special need at core, we work to develop the expressive, creative, moral and logical values of your child. Our curriculum is developed by the experts in these domains and has proven record in the industry.

    We have listed below our assortment of programs for the age 4-12 years here.

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