• Early Starters (6 Months - 2 Years)

    Marvel Years


    To nurture confidence, curiosity and sense of security in the early years of a child life through creating positive experiences and caring relationships in an exciting, fun-filled and stimulating environment that encourages effective learning through play.

    With Parents as partners to the program, we emphasize on the value of family and the role of parents in the development of a child social, intellectual and emotional abilities.

    Focal Points

    • Quality of mother/caregiver child interaction
    • Sensory motor and Language stimulation
    • Opportunities for play and exploration


    Social play is an important part of our program and we understand the fun and challenge it offers to our toddlers. The environment allows children to play near each other and with their parents, helping enhance sociability and building trust and respect in relationships.

    Music and movement games are also integral to the program that help accelerate the development of the child language skills and coordination; increase creativity and improve physical agility in a fun environment.

    Our Marvel Years program is limited to small group size with teacher ratio of 1:7 and is run in two batches Caterpillars for infants (6mths-18mths) and Butterflies for toddlers (18 mths 2 years).

    These programs are offered as two sessions one / two days a week that follow a thematic curriculum, designed for holistic development and fun based learning through:

    • Activity Labs
    • Dramatic Play and Puppetry
    • Music and Movement
    • Story Telling
    • Art and Crafts
    • Outdoor Play
    • Nature Talk


    • Curiosity
    • Sociability
    • Confidence
    • Self help and Sensory motor skills


    The activities planned in Marvel Years foster social, emotional, physical, language and cognitive development of our children. Our hands-on workshops on different themes help ignite their innate curiosity and passion for learning, discovery and exploration; setting stage for a successful transition to the independent years of preschool.

    As parents, you will enjoy an amazing journey of discovering your child’s interests, see how they spend time, help them settle in a new environment and watch them as able learners. It allows for deeper understanding of a child’s developmental stages, their special needs and the different approaches they take to learning. At the same time, you also get to share your experiences and discuss parenting styles with other parents.


    • Ability to communicate
    • Demonstration of curiosity
    • Sociability and peer play
    • Age-appropriate gross motor and audio-visual skill
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