• Head Starters (2 - 3 Years)

    Terrific Twos


    The program is selectively designed and structured for independent toddlers who are ready to enjoy the challenging activities and fun based environment as self-learners. At this age, the urge to discover and the curiosity to understand gains momentum; the objective of the program is to utilize the true potential of a child to its fullest.

    Through our thematic fun classes, we focus on language development, creative and sensory awareness and speech and rhythm patterns. The activities and experiences created in the class aims to foster the development of gross and fine motor skills, balance and coordination and promote sensory awareness.

    Focal Points

    • Sensory motor, language, cognitive and emotional stimulation
    • Opportunities for play and exploration
    • Quality childhood education
    • Customized learning


    Play is extremely important to young children and provides them with many essential skills that help grooming for later stages of childhood. At Terrific Twos, we provide children with an assortment of individual, small and large group play activities. Keeping the interests of children at core and enabling them a ground of freedom to express, play and learn, our Terrific Twos is divided into four successive terms of 10-12 weeks each. Each term, we introduce some alphabets, numbers, colors and shapes through medium of music & movement, dramatics, puppetry, creative arts and excursions.

    Our Curriculum is a rich blend of proven techniques, tools and principles, which caters to the different needs of each child and the development needs at this stage; and encourages them to learn and develop within the diversity. Each month children explore an exciting theme which includes living roles, habits, values, the world around, sounds and much more.

    Nature Talk, Thought Labs and Yoga are an integral part of the program structure


    • Communication and expressive skills
    • Independence
    • Activeness, confidence and awareness of environment
    • Curiosity


    Terrific Twos is a unique blend of academic, creative, and athletic activities, so that the child receives a wonderful preparation for life's experiences. At our class, we create a positive and exciting environment conducive for the learning. Toddlers are able to socialize with their peers and gain confidence through group interaction.

    The outcome of our program can be witnessed in improved sociability, confidence, creativity and love for learning.


    • Ability to communicate clearly and confidently
    • Sociability and ability to stay away from family for a few hours
    • Age-appropriate gross motor and audio-visual skill
    • Age-appropriate self-help
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