• Preschool (3 - 4 Years)

    Little Adventurers


    Pre-schoolers are young, inquisitive children who need to be shaped into disciplined and responsible individuals, ready to launch their formal schooling journey. Providing them functional and meaningful experiences fosters creative thinking, problem solving and communication skills. Little Adventurers aims to satisfy the urge for our young learners and provide them a holistic, experiential leaning.

    Our objective with this program is to nurture creativity, autonomy and discipline in every child; to preach the importance of values – patience, respect, personal hygiene, teamwork - and love for books through an active, play based environment. It promotes a love for school while nurturing social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development.

    Focal Points

    • Quality childhood education
    • Customized learning
    • Sensory, cognitive and emotional stimulation
    • DIY activities
    • Early detection of learning disabilities


    Children are encouraged to explore, to discover, and to think about the world around them. Emphasis is on the process of learning, while literacy and numeracy components of the program are integrated formally and informally throughout classes. Introduction to reading, writing, phonological activities and practical learning are key at this phase and multiple hands-on activities are conducted to engage the curious minds and enhance their skills across domains of development.

    The teachers attend to the children’s individual needs, by playing alongside them, encouraging each child in what they can do, demonstrating new ways of making links in their thinking, their talking and their play. Music, dramatic play, physical activities and story telling is done more frequently to form a part of the daily routine and enhance retention.

    These are 3.5 hours sessions each day, for a five day week and the terms are designed with different themes and creative learning curriculum that makes the learning process exciting and enriching.


    • Continued interest in learning and school readiness
    • Self-learning
    • Self-regulation
    • Activeness, confidence and awareness of environment


    Little Adventurers facilitates skills in self-regulation, self-initiation, and independence within a framework of a well-defined program.

    The activities planned in the class contains ideas for thinking beyond and allows them to express, create, pretend and perform. A healthy teacher child ratio enables teachers to provide focussed attention and small group activities help promote confidence as children grasp the concepts while singing songs, playing games and having fun.

    Interest in learning and school readiness, greater independence, pro-activeness, confidence and awareness of environment are the outcomes of the program.


    • Quality childhood education
    • Active participation in activities
    • Ability to narrate experience confidently
    • Demonstration of curiosity
    • Age-appropriate self-help and social skills
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